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“A reminder about treating urinary tract infections” – Very relevant! @HealioFM @HealioIM

Timely & relevant article! To fight resistance and C. difficile colitis, we must stop screening for UTIs in people without UTI symptoms, but we also need to use the right drugs for UTIs. Quinolone effectiveness is 50/50 in many areas due to years of overuse (moxifloxacin, fyi, has NEVER been good for UTIs). The alternatives happen to be CHEAPER (& possibly FREE at Publix, Walmart, etc): Nitrofurantoin, trimeth-sulfa are back in the running for empiric use, having been on the back burner for some time due to quinolone use; of the other class options, beta lactams, minocycline, and clarithromycin get the best levels in urine and cover most pathogens. It’s probably best not to choose a single “workhorse” antibiotic for that one patient with recurrent UTI; check a culture and susceptibilities & mix it up to keep bacteria guessing.

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