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Corrected Errata, Gompf’s ID Pearls 4.0

A few edits were made to Pearls 4.0, after an astute clinician pointed them out. (Reader feedback is much appreciated, it’s a one-doc show!)

1. KEEPS mnemonic for lactose-fermenting Gram negative bacilli – The letter P corrected from Proteus (which is NOT a lactose-fermenter!) to Providencia.
2. The Youtube link to Mr. Whipple expired! Replaced it with a photo. Perhaps if I’m ambitious or retire, I’ll figure out how to embed a video. :}
3. Fusobacterium was mentioned as one of the anaerobic Gram positive bacilli in discussion of clindamycin spectrum of coverage. It’s most certainly a Gram-negative bacillus.

Thanks to readers for keeping it real!

Dr. G




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