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Acknowledgements and In Memoriam

I offer my humble appreciation to Dr. John T. Sinnott, who has been my dear friend and mentor for many years, and to Drs. John ToneyRichard OehlerJohn Greene and Frederick Heinzel. Each has played roles in starting and/or perpetuating this teaching tool, as well acting as ongoing sources of wisdom (both personal and clinical) in ways they cannot begin to imagine. What a gift to be surrounded by such minds.

I offer humble gratitude for my middle child, Philip T. Gompf, who battled fulminant infection and lost.

My beautiful, brilliant boy died of amoebic meningitis in 2009, at the age of 10, after tubing in a central Florida lake in summer.  May my life and work and every breath that I take honor Life in your name, my cherished son, and your treasured siblings, who deeply miss you. You are ever-present in my days.


Photo of Dr. Gompf's family
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